Sunday, February 19, 2006

This Blog Has Moved!

The time has finally come! After badgering, begging, pleading, and endless email groveling for Blogger to fix their broken javascript code that was making my blog unable to validate to XHTML 1.1 or XHTML 1.0 Strict... I've moved.

Now, this blog has a new look and a new location on a subdomain of my main site here (which will redirect to the blog here but it still has all the same content. Thanks to the shiny new WordPress software running the new blog, not only is it all valid code now, but it smoothly imported everything from Blogger.

Additionally, The Useful Web has now been retitled Beyond Caffeine. Why? Well, the blog now (*gasp*) actually includes some more personal posts. I have always been very strict about making all my posts entirely technical, but in the new blog home I'm loosening up a bit and letting my hair down. You'll still find all the same technical posts as before, just a few extras also.

I can finally bid Blogger my final goodbye, and hope to see you all on the other side. Please update your feed links and visit the new home of the blog!

Edit: I have decided to cross-post all the posts I am making on my WordPress blog at on here. I have turned off commenting on this blog, but each post will contain a comment link to the associated post on the new blog where you may comment.

1 comment:

Kalle said...

Yanno, if you CNAME to, I can easily make apache display your blog there as well. No http-equiv-refreshing needed.